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Apricus prides itself on being the leading manufacturer of hydraulic heating products and solar hot water. Apricus Solar Water Heaters offer two types of solar collectors for use in different solar water systems.

A typical solar water heating system is made up of various parts including a solar collector, circulation pump, and storage tank. It also contains a controller, piping and numerous valves.

This system has enough room for any configuration. This is because each design depends on the purpose that the system will serve. The plan is also dependent on the climate and space limitations.

Definition Of A Solar Water Heater

One common aspect of this device is that it utilises energy from the sun to generate heat. The heat generated can then be used to warm water for showering, space heating as well as other industrial processes.

Solar energy is considered to be the primary source of energy for our planet. As such, it provides power for plant growth as well as the warmth that makes planet earth habitable.

The solar water heater has been around for over 100 years, but significant advances have been experienced in the past 20 years. During this period many advances in absorber coating technologies have been witnessed.

These advances have resulted in solar collectors that can reliably convert >50 % of available sunlight for domestic use. Research reveals that solar water heater is one of the most effective ways of cutting the carbon footprint for many households. The reduction is possible since this form of energy reduces reliance on dirty fossil fuel usage. Eventually, there will be substantial savings on energy costs.

Flat Plate Solar Collectors

In this category, there is the Apricus FPC-A32 flat plate thermal collector which is suitable for both residential and commercial water warming projects. The flat plate collector is generally light since it is made up of the ultra-lightweight melamine foam insulation which is a low profile design.

The TINOX Energy Aluminium absorber sheet increases the rate at which the heat is converted. All the energy the is absorbed is later on turned into usable heat for warming water. The reliability and performance of the system heavily dependent on the type of material used. This is because the manner in which the system operates varies with the prevailing environmental conditions. The good thing with Apricus is that it has chosen the material of the highest quality to ensure reliability, collection longevity, and efficient operation.


Plays the role of protecting the absorber from the external environment by allowing more than 90% of sunlight. Absorber-designed in such a manner that ensures efficient absorption of sunlight while at the same time converting it into usable energy.


Plays the role of minimising heat loss from the sides and the back of the collector. The insulation is designed using ultra-lightweight melamine foam. This material is widely preferred due to its high ability to reduce the weight of the collector.

Back Sheet

An aluminium alloy sheet whose primary role is to seal the back of the panel while at the same time adding to the rigidity of the collector.

Riser And Header Pipe

The two are fixed together to come up with a harp-shaped heat exchanger that is used for fluid circulation. The welding is ultrasonically done to the loser pipes thus ensuring the transfer of heat to the heat transfer fluid.

Aluminium Rails

The rails are used in forming the outer framework of the collector. These rails are also designed with wings for mounting frame attachment.

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