Farm Produce

JUDGING:Saturday 8th March, 2014
Commencing 9.30 am

Enquiries to Gretel on 0409138453

ENTRY FEES: $1.00 per class

1st – $5.00;  2nd – $2.50
1st and  2nd place cards will be awarded in each class.
Prize money in this section will be paid after 4:00pm Sunday.

1.     Bundle of Suda, 5kgs.
2.    1 sheaf of Japanese Millet, green with grain
3.    12 stalks of Saccaline, suitable for fodder
4.    12 stalks of Sorghum, A.O.V.
5.    12 stalks of Maize, suitable for grain
6.    12 stalks of Green Maize, suitable for fodder
7.    6 kg. Bale of Green Lucerne, suitable for fodder
8.    12 stalks of Sweet Corn
9.    Collection of fodder, four (4) varieties
10.    Youth exhibit – display by pupils of primary or secondary schools

Entries will be taken in this section closing at 7:00pm, 
Thursday 28th February, 2013.
Exhibits are to remain on show until 4:00pm Sunday.
ALL exhibits must be grown by the exhibitor under liability 
to disqualification if the exhibits be objected to on the 
grounds of not having been grown by the exhibitor.  
A satisfactory certificate of production must be furnished.  
Weight stipulated in any class is the minimum that will be accepted.