Flowers, Floral Arrangements, Farm Produce, Fruit and Vegetables

The Stewards for Horticulture are Veronica & Marilyn

Entries will be taken by Veronica 0412 776 742,

Entries are open at 10am and close at 9pm on Thursday 21st March 2019

All exhibits to be staged by 9.00am on 23rd March 2019 and are to remain on display until 4.00 pm on Sunday the 24th March 2019

Exhibition containers provided for cut flowers only. Floral design exhibitors to provide own containers, stands, etc. All exhibits to be grown by the exhibitor except floral design. All cut flowers to become the property of the Society.

Horticulture Display Times

Saturday: Open (when judging is completed) approx. 11am until 10pm

Sunday: Open 9:00am until 4:00pm
Exhibits may be collected between 4pm and 5pm on Sunday. The doors will be closed whilst exhibitors are collecting their exhibits.

DAHLIA SOCIETY OF N.S W. and A. C. T. Standards and Classifications will apply to Dahlia section. Staged Dahlia blooms should be carried by stems 160mm clear of the container.Unless otherwise stated blooms 160mm and over are to be staged one bloom per vase, and blooms under 160mm are to be staged three per vase. A Standard Unit is a vase of the same cultivar.

DAHLIA SIZES:Giant- 260mm and over, Large – over 210mm and under 260mm, Medium – 160mm & under 210mm, Small – 120mm & under 160mm, Miniature – under 120mm, These sizes apply to Formal and Informal Decoratives, Semi-Decorative, Cactus and Semi-Cactus, Exhibition Cactus and Fimbriated Cactus. For Waterlily, Collerette, Anemone, Orchid, Stellar and Single types, the ‘Medium’ size determination applies, I.e. 160mm & under 210mm. Ball type shall be either ‘Small’ or ‘Miniature’.

Pompon types should be under 50mm. ROSE SOCIETY OF N.S.W. Standards and Classifications will apply to Rose Section. ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES Standards and Classifications will apply to Miscellaneous Flowers, Plants in Containers and Floral Design.

SPECIAL PRIZES: The Samuel Perpetual Award for Best Exhibit of Show. First  and Second prize cards to be awarded, where standard of exhibit warrants such awards.

A Special Prize will be awarded by the Society to the exhibitor, not being a nursery­ person, who is the most successful in the Horticulture Section of the Show. A Special Sash and a trophy will be awarded to the most successful exhibitor in the Dahlia Section, the Rose Section, the Plants in Containers Section, and the Floral Design Section.

The Dahlia Society of NSW and ACT Medallion and a Blacktown A. H. & I. Society Special Sash will be awarded to the exhibitor displaying the Champion Dahlia unit. Distinct means DIFFERENT. / N.N.D. means Not Necessarily Distinct. Entry fee in all classes $1.00. One gate pass for an exhibitor that has entry fees of $10.00 or more.

Any exhibitor who wins prize money of $50.00 or more may be required to sign a declaration stating that the section in which the prize money is won is a hobby related activity and not for financial gain otherwise, and in accordance with ATO ruling, a 40% withholding tax could be applied.

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