Section 4: Textiles & Design


Conditions of Entry

1.“Beginner” is a person with not more than 12 months experience.  Exhibits may be reclassed after entry.

2. For the collection of entries after the show see terms & conditions.

3 The prizes in classes. 31-41 and 42-56 will also be awarded a sponsored prize of $30 1st place and $15 2nd place

Donated by the Blacktown branch of the Knitters Guild.



13. Patchwork – quilt hand pieced-hand quilted (e.g., paper pieced)

14. Patchwork – quilt machine pieced and quilted by entrant

15. Patchwork – machine appliqued quilt

16. Patchwork – hand appliqued quilt

17. Patchwork – wall hanging

18. Scrappy quilt – a quilt made from left-over fabrics

19. Patchwork – quilt professionally quilted

20. Patchwork – cushion, bag etc

21. Patchwork – any other article

22. Patchwork – beginner 12 months and under

23. Machine embroidery – any article

24. Hand Embroidery – any article

25. People with disabilities



26. Tailored or fancy cushion-filled

27. Machine made – Adult/Child Garment

28. Tatting

29. Any other article

30. People with disabilities



31. Any babywear (hat, bonnet, socks.)

32. Baby Garment (dress, overall, cardigan.)

33. Child’s garment

34. Ladies/gents garment

35. Afghan, knee rug or throw-over.

36. Homewares {cushions, tea cosies}

37. Toys

38. Neck/Headwear {scarves, shawls, hats}

39.Leg/footwear {socks, leg warmers, slippers}

40. Baby Shawl/blanket

41. Any other article not mentioned above.

42.Any class people with disability



43. Baby’s bonnet and booties, hats

44. Baby’s dress, jumper or cardigan

45. Baby’s 3-piece garment

46. Doyley, duchess set, runner

47. Napery – any article

48. Baby’s shawl

49. Knee rug, afghan or throw

50. Adult garment

51. Child garment

52. Homewares [ cushion, tea cosy, rug}


54.Neck/headwear {scarves, shawls, hats] 

55.Leg/footwear {socks, legwarmers, slippers}    

56 Any other article not mentioned above

57. People with disabilities



58. Any article – baby wear.

59. Adult jumper or cardigan

60. Rug, shawl or scarf, no seams

61. Child’s garment.

62. Any other article not mentioned above (e.g., rugs, throw over, no seams)

63. People with disabilities

64. Wool article/garment state competition (see note and entry conditions below)

Note: Winner of wool article/garment at Blacktown Show 2023 will progress to group final, winner Group final will progress to Royal in 2024

Conditions of Entry for wool article/garment

Conditions of entry for wool article/garment

Competition to be conducted at society, group and state level.

1. Three different types of wool articles and/or garments.

Garment: an item that can be worn e.g., dress, jacket, scarf, hat.

Article: a utility item that is nor worn but can be used at home e.g., blanket, bag for amusement, toy as a decoration, picture etc.

2. Three different types: the three items in an entry must differ from each other in terms of their construction and/or purpose.

EXAMPLE 1. A knitted jumper, blanket and tea cosy.

EXAMPLE 2. A knitted tea cosy, a crocheted tea cosy, a felted tea cosy.

EXAMPLE 3. A knitted jumper, a knitted blanket and a crocheted blanket.

3. The WHOLE article and/or garment must be constructed of and contain a minimum of 80% wool.

4. A sample of yarn, fabric or fibre with label attached to each item making up the exhibit.

5. If label is not available as a hand spun/ felted, a hand written label with the relevant details and a sample will suffice.

6. An exhibit in this competition may consist of work of one individual or a group of individuals or an organization.

7. All three articles/garments must have been completed in the last 12 months and made by the exhibitor.

8. An exhibit, having won at the local show will be exhibited (i.e., the same three articles/garments) at the group final. The winning exhibit at the group level is then eligible to compete at State final.

9. An exhibit is only eligible to represent one society at group level and one group at state level.

10. An exhibit article/garment that has been previously competed at group level is not permitted to compete again.

11. If this class attracts no entries at a local show the Steward may, in consultation with the Judges, select three suitable individual exhibits and with the exhibitor’s permission, enter them in the group final as an exhibit representing the particular society concerned.

12. It is the responsibility of the society secretary and winner to co-ordinate the transfer of the winning entry to the group final. 

13. It is the responsibility of group secretary and winner to co-ordinate transfer of winning group entry to ASC office in Sydney for state judging.

TAPESTRY (any size, no glass)


65. Beginner’s tapestry – completed within the last 12 months

66. Framed tapestry – any theme

67. Framed tapestry – petite point only, one thread

68. Creative tapestry – 2 or more stitches, 2 or more threads

69. Framed tapestry – long stitch

70. Any other article (e.g., stool, doorstop, etc.)

71. Bargello – geometric on canvas

72. Tapestry – continental

73. People with disabilities

Blacktown Council Awards $50.00                       

Best exhibit class13-30

Best exhibit class 31-42

Best exhibit class 43-57

Best exhibit 58-63

Best exhibit class 65-73    

Knitters Guild Awards

 $30 1st | $15 2nd

Best exhibit class 31-42

Best exhibit class 43-57

Many Thanks to the Knitters Guild [Blacktown Group] for kindly organizing and running the Textile sections of the Blacktown City Show. 

Again, many thanks for your prize sponsorships

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All Exhibits: Must be the original work of the exhibitor, completed within the last 12 months and must be ready for display.

Entry Fee: Seniors $2 per entry and juniors $1 per entry.

Exhibits collection: All exhibits must remain on display for the duration of the show, including items sold, and can only be picked up after 4pm Sunday, or Tuesday and Wednesday between 9am and 12pm at the Trevor Toms Pavilion.

General Entries for: Art, Crafts, and Needlework will be accepted on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th February 2023 between 5pm and 8pm. The craft entries are to be taken to the Trevor Toms Pavilion, Artwork to the Pam Green Pavilion, Needlework to the Needlework Pavilion. Any item received soiled, damaged or washed (with the exception of spun or woven items) will not be accepted.

Cooking Entries: To be delivered to the Needlework Room between 8am and 10am on Friday 10th March 2023

Horticulture entries by phone.

Entries are to be bought in via Kent St entry point.

Only one pass will be issued to an exhibitor for five entries or more in any one Category.

Classes will only be judged and prizes awarded if there are 3 or more entries in the class. A judge may overrule this condition if the judge deems the entry to be of a high standard.

Entries are to be bought in via Kent St entry point.

Entry Forms: A copy of your entry form/forms must be retained by the exhibitor for collection of your exhibits.

Prize Money: Collection of prize money will only be issued after 4pm on Sunday. 

Exhibits: All exhibit and entry forms must be marked either Not for Sale (NFS) or For Sale with the price clearly marked. A 10% commission will be charged on all sales. 

Judging: Judges reserve the right to re-classify an entry with the judge’s decision being final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Security: All reasonable care is taken to ensure no loss or damage to exhibits left in our care. However, no responsibility will be taken by the Blacktown City Show Society Inc. for any loss or damage to any exhibit.