Natasha Tatarinoff

JD's World Of Magic

We are very pleased to have such a talented entertainer in Natasha Tatarinoff perform at this year’s Blacktown City Show. She is a young lady of many talents and has a big future in the entertainment industry.

Natasha began singing at the age of nine and has since won numerous eisteddfods and singing competitions. She has been hand picked to perform in a number of shows, council events, and community functions and festivals.

Natasha is currently the lead female vocalist of the Sydney Balalaika Orchestra. Aside from her singing, Natasha loves to act and debuted in an original play “Forgotten” at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre, later being cast in an Australian Netflix feature film “I Met A Girl.”

She will be appearing on Centre stage at 5.45pm on Saturday, March 11.

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