Ras’s Working & High Jumping Dogs


Ras’s working & high jumping dogs will be at this year’s show with demonstrations of not only man’s best friend’s amazing ability to handle and muster stock but also you can bring your own pooch along for the high jumping contest.

Kylie & Darren Adams, both successful competitors in cattle dog trialing, will have their dogs on hand and explain some of their training techniques and how & why working dogs are used on farms around Australia every day.

The dogs used are known as New Zealand short haired collies (think Footrot flats) and bred solely for their knack to control all kinds of livestock, from sheep & goats to cattle & the ducks that will be used today.

The light hearted yet informative demonstration starts with basic breaking-in methods through to actually working a flock of ducks within meters of the crowd with two dogs working as one to manoeuvre the ducks under the control of their master. At the end of each show Darren & Kylie will bring the dogs out into the crowd so as the young & old alike can get up close and have a pat with these amazing hounds.

Not only will you see working displays but also a high jumping competition in which you can enter your own dog to try and scale the wall and be declared champion.

The contest is open to all dogs and they must clear a wall that increases in height with each successful attempt.

Ras’s dogs have been named champion high jumping dog at the Sydney Royal Easter Show three times and have jumped over 2.5m high.

As well as the collie’s jumping we will also have some little mini foxie’s jumping incredible heights that are sure to be a crowd favourite.
Once again you are more than welcome to come up and say Gday for a ‘Pat & Chat’ after the show.


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