The Blacktown Show Fireworks Spectacular

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Sponsored By Blacktown City Council

The Blacktown Show Society are very pleased to announce that they have again contracted Aurora Pyrotechnics, a local Blacktown company, to display the fireworks on Saturday night at this year’s Blacktown City Show.

Their Managing Director, Don Wilson, has had over 40 years experience in the pyrotechnic industry in both Australia and overseas and is very well respected for his overall knowledge of the industry.

Whilst managing one of Australia’s largest pyrotechnic companies, Don did the choreography, organising, team leading and presentation in winning 1st place in a world fireworks competition. It was the first time ever that any team from Australia have won this prestigious competition.

Don and his family have lived in the area for 20 odd years. His son, Steven, is also involved in the industry and has contributed to the music selection, choreography and computer control of many of the largest displays in Australia and overseas, whilst his daughter also holds a current display operator’s permit.

During his career, Don has been involved in pyrotechnic displays in countries such as Indonesia, The United Arab Republic, The Cook Islands, Canada, The Philippines, New Zealand, The Solomon Islands, USA, Fiji and Spain, etc.

All their displays are specially designed to suit the situation and circumstances which arise as they have access to all the best products and licensed operators for outdoor spectaculars, indoor stage shows, special movie style effects and any other individual presentation.

The Show Society would like to extend their appreciation to the Blacktown City Council for again sponsoring this year’s Fireworks Spectacular.

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