The King Lives On David Cazalet As Elvis

David was born in New York, the 4th son of an American sailor and his Australian war bride. From a very young age David would amuse his family and friends with his rendition of Elvis’ songs. This amusement turned to amazement as David’s voice and appearance developed an uncanny resemblance to that of Elvis. Today David Cazale?t is not just another Elvis impersonator, but an entertainer of astounding ability and charisma, his voice is unquestionably the best in his field with all the range, warmth and feel so reminiscent of Elvis. Wherever David has performed throughout the world – be it Resort Hotels, Casinos or Corporate Events he has left a unique impression with both entertainment agents and the general public alike, ensuring repeat engagements and many adoring fans. David has proven time and again that he can perform in any environment and walk off the stage a winner. David is the consummate professional and takes pride in working with musicians, dancers, singers and production staff the equal of anywhere in the world. He has worked very hard to attain his position in the entertainment world and I’m sure that when you see him perform you will agree… “The King Lives in Cazale?t”.
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